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make the most of renovation projects

Is your kitchen dark and gloomy? Do you find it difficult to locate the things that you need to cook, bake or serve meals? If you are unhappy with the look or layout of your kitchen, a kitchen renovation is in order. One of the best decisions I have ever made was hiring a remodeling contractor to assist me with the renovation of my kitchen. This contractor had some great ideas for storage, organization and layout that I never would have thought of. If you are considering renovation work in your home, this blog can help you find ways that a remodeling contractor can help you make the most of the project.


make the most of renovation projects

  • Why You Should Replace Your Old Wood Siding With Vinyl

    9 September 2018

    If you are thinking about replacing your old wood siding, consider vinyl siding. While wooden and aluminum siding have been in use for years, vinyl siding is quickly becoming the material of choice for many homeowners. Here are some reasons why vinyl siding is becoming increasingly more favored among homeowners and how it can enhance the appearance and functionality of your home: Superior Insulation While your wood siding probably does a decent job of insulating your home, nothing beats vinyl for superior home insulation.

  • Prefer To Spend Your Golden Years At Home? 3 Bathroom Modifications That Will Help You Age In Place

    29 December 2016

    If you're reaching your golden years, it's time to start thinking about safety concerns. If you've decided that a senior community isn't for you, there are ways for you to remain at home. In fact, many seniors are choosing to age in place. Once you've decided to age in place, you'll need to modify your home so that it can adapt to your changing mobility concerns. You might not realize this, but your bathroom can present some significant safety concerns, especially if you're experiencing changes to your mobility.

  • The Differences Between Stone And Ceramic Tile

    3 December 2016

    The bathroom is always a smart room to remodel because it is small, there is a lot of moisture and it gets a lot of traffic. Often, the bathroom floor will be the first thing that needs to be remodeled. If you want to quickly and affordably upgrade your bathroom, you should consider installing tile floors. Tile is a great upgrade, especially if you are replacing vinyl or linoleum. This article explains the main difference between ceramic and stone tiles.

  • Tiny And Terrific -- 5 Ways To Maximize Your Small Kitchen Remodel

    29 September 2016

    If you have a tight space for the kitchen and can't expand it outward to create your dream remodel, you can still get a fantastic kitchen out of the deal. The trick is to embrace your space and maximize your use of it. Here are 5 ways any homeowner can do so. Make Storage Accessible. Using cabinets well means using all of them. Modern cabinet design can help make storage more accessible by utilizing elements like lazy Susans, pull-out or slide-out drawers and cabinets, hanging racks and hooks, as well as variable sized shelving.

  • Nightmares In Tile: How A Bathroom Remodeling Will Cure Your Affliction

    14 September 2016

    If you have ever walked into a bathroom from the 1940's or '50's, the first thing that hits you is the wall-to-wall tiling on the floor. If the situation is especially bad, you will also see a lot of tile in place of the tub surround and tile used as a back-splash behind the sink. All this tile can give you nightmares, but a bathroom remodeling can cure that in a hurry.